Karlita - stepping into my true self (manifestress) wrote in welshacidhouse,
Karlita - stepping into my true self

Word Jack

Last night, I was within spitting distance of one of the greatest living word jacks, Irvine Welsh.

He started off checking us Southerners out, making sure we could understand his accent, and giving gratitude to Willie the groundskeeper on The Simpsons for making his accent more familiar to American audiences.

O.K. - here is the fan-girl squee stuff.

Irvine Welsh has got to be one of my favorite authors.

Partly (mostly) for his writing. And partly (mostly) for who he embodies, or at least what I project he embodies.

He's this generation's Burroughs, to some degree.

Although that's not fair to say, because he is much more than that.

In introducing Welsh, Frank of A Capella Books said that his store, A Capella, is mostly a bookstore that has to do with the themes of "smoking, drinking and sex", because those are real-life themes.

And Welsh deals with all those themes.

I personally especially like the category of illicit drugs, having had those life experiences myself.

I met Mr. Welsh last night, got a half-dozen of his books signed, and whispered in his ear that I had done MDMA in the early 80's just as it became illegal. He turned to me, and gave me the international "right on" expression, and we parted ways.

I went off into the night, to a dumb party.

He sat there and signed books for the next two hours.

And I must admit, in the cheesiest of ways, I am complete.

Oh, there is depravity in Life, and Life in depravity.

Celebrate it ALL!!
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